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Posts tagged cover

Sep 1


Some Nights cover - Fun. with Megan!

Aug 11


Landslide cover

Since I was talking about it the other day haha

Jun 22


I’m on a “make pop songs acoustic” kick, but I’ll stop soon.

Payphone cover - Maroon 5

I love the melody of this but hate literally everything else so this happened.

May 29


Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars (cover)

Meaghan and I are recording things with my dad’s professional recording equipment so this sounds so awesome.

I want my other friends to come record things while I’m still here! The problem is my dad is the one who knows how to work all of it and he’s not here a lot because he’s playing music all over the place.

May 5


Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk cover

In case anyone needs something relaxing

I did this before I had a good microphone and it was forever ago, so I re-did it.

Dec 31


Communication Cups and Someone’s Coat - Iron and Wine (full cover, since i only did part of it before)


happy new years everyone =D

Dec 25


Blue Spotted Tail - Fleet Foxes cover

One of the first times I’ve heard this song, my ex just said “want to hear the prettiest song ever?” and put it on. And…that’s pretty accurate.

So I hope I can do the prettiest song ever some sort of justice, but if I don’t then don’t kill me. haha

Nov 12


Playing the guitar helps. This is me doing a cover of River by Joni Mitchell. Obviously I can’t do the song any justice, and current conditions make it a lot harder to sing well…but music is comforting.

I would use a video to make this, but my webcam isn’t working anymore. It keeps saying it won’t connect.

If anyone else is going through a break up right now and wants to talk, I’m in the same place.